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Entry Systems

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Entry systems allow access to the gate by keypads, card readers, and telephone. Closed circuit TV can be integrated into most telephone entry systems. Entry systems are usually placed about 12'-16' in front of gate so as to keep vehicles a few feet away from gate for safety.

Hard wired keypads. The capacities of keypads vary from 1 entry code all the way up to several thousand. Keypads typically supply momentary contact closure and locked contact closures to either open the gate on its timer or hold the gate open. You can also set your operator for manual operation and a keypad momentary contact closure will open or close the gate much like a garage door. Find hard wired keypads here.

Wireless Keypads :

Wireless keypads function the same as above and operate in conjunction with a radio receiver. These keypads do not have a hold open feature. The gate can be made to stay open with these keypads only in the manual operation mode of the gate operator. Many of the wireless keypads have LED illumination that comes on soon as one of the keys are pressed. Find wireless keypads here.
Residential Telephone Entry:

Most of these units do not require a separate phone line. They work using your existing line and can give distinct double ring when someone calls from the gate. You can speak to the person before letting them in. You can also call other numbers with these units and operate the gate from any phone including cell phones. These units are laden with features such as call waiting, call forwarding, built in timers to open and close the gate at specific times, etc. CCTV is available as an option.
Find residential phone entry systems here.
Card Readers:

For larger installations where security is a concern or there are too many users to issue wireless transmitters to. Advantages include long life and low maintenance. Card reader are available as stand alone or can work in conjunction with telephone access systems and other access systems that track users activity. They are available as touch plate, swipe card, and proximity readers. Proximity being the most popular.
Find card readrs here.
Commercial Telephone Entry:

Used for multiple dwellings, gated communities, and commercial installations. These units can call up to several thousand numbers and hold an equal number of access codes.

The installation pictured here includes a proximity card reader that is integrated into the telephone entry system and tracks user activities.

Many telephone entry systems have built in electronic directories. Units are available as stand alone or programmable by remote computer.
Find Commercial telephone entry systems here.