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Exit Loops

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Exit loops allow exiting vehicles to activate the gates. Vehicle detector loops are like large metal detectors. They can detect all metal vehicles including bikes. Loops in gate systems need to be installed correctly. The loop is one of the most common causes of system failure. The loop being buried underground, cut into asphalt or concrete are exposed to extreme conditions. Most common failure is due to leakage to ground. This occurs when moisture penetrates the insulation of the wire. Other common failures occur due to bad splices or splices that are not watertight. An indication that your exit loop has failed is that the gate won't close.
Pre-formed Direct Burial Loop:

Generally made of non- metallic PVC flex conduit. They come in 4'x6', 4'x8', 4'x10' pre-made sizes. Any size can be made. The loop is generally buried a few inches below grade. These loops can be placed in the road bed prior to laying asphalt. Under concrete they are placed above the rebar or re-mesh before pouring.

More than one loop can be connected to one loop detector. Find preformed driveway loops here.
Cut In Loops:

These loops are cut into existing asphalt or concrete driveways. Special wire is used that has a high resistance to moisture and abrasion.

Details: Cut-In Loop Diagram
Find preformed driveway loops here
Probe Style Vehicle Detector:

Sometimes refereed to as "wands". These are installed beside the driveway buried a few inches below grade. These are used primarily as exit detectors or signaling device. They are not suitable as safety-reversing detectors.

The probe is generally good for driveways up to 14' wide.

Details: Probe Diagram
Find preformed driveway loops here
.Entrance Loop Detectors:

Placed in front of gate before the safety loop. Allows any vehicle to open gate. Used in installations where free access is offered but the gate should remained closed for keeping animals in or out, and for appearance. The entrance loop can operate full time or restricted to certain times of day and week.
Find preformed driveway loops here