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Solar operators generally cost a little more due the the additional cost of solar panels. They require more maintenance since they have additional components, In general it is recommended that solar be used when bringing electricity to the gate becomes economically prohibitive. A rule of thumb is to use solar if the power run exceeds 300 feet.

Solar Power for Gate Operators:

Solar Equipment for Gate OpenersSolar Equipment for Gate Openers

Solar installation can work well providing it is designed properly. There are solar operators such as the US Automatic. and Apollo gate operators  that use very little power. They can work off of a 10 watt solar panel screwed to your fence as in the photo to the right.

For larger operators and for models that consume more power; a commercial system should be used. This double 60 watt panel system has 2 deep cycle marine batteries and a power regulator.

This two panel stand alone system can power some of the Viking Access operators, the Elite Roboswing, the Roboslide gate openers, and many others.Solar Equipment for Gate Openers

It is a 24VDC system with the regulator located in the gray cabinet. The batteries are locked to prevent theft. The post is 4”x4” powder coated steel. The solar power cables are inside the post. A 24"x20"x24 deep concrete pad holds all the components. It usually rises 4" above grade.

Solar Equipment for Gate OpenersAn installation like this can power a small community gate through 2-3 weeks of overcast skies.

Check with a solar supplier for power requirements, solar panel orientation for your area.