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Loop Detectors & Driveway Loops

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Cut-in Loop Installation Diagram
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Overview - Introduction to Loop Detectors & Driveway Loops

Loop Diagram

Preformed Loop
Preformed Loop
Find Preformed Loops Here
Loop wire has special impermeable insulation and is inserted into slots that have been cut in the asphalt, or concrete. The loops are sealed with loop sealant.

Cut-in Loop Wire
Cut-in Loop Wire
Find Loop Wire Here
Loop Detector
Loop InstallationRecently thinner loop wire has become available that can be installed in a 1/8" wide slot. This size slot can be made with a Skill saw with 7 1/4" diamond blade. See installation diagram

Loop detectors
are used to detect the presence of vehicles. The loop is connected to the detector. Find EMX D-Tek Loop Detector Here

Exit loops are used to open gates to allow a vehicle's exit. Loop Detector
Safety loops are used to prevent a gate from closing on a vehicle. Two loops can be wired to one detector. This is frequently the case in safety loops. Loops are placed in front and behind the gate.

Shadow Loops are typically used in commercial locations. They close the gate as soon as a vehicle passes over them deterring other vehicles from tailgating in behind them.. Find Reno A&E Loop Detectors Here

Typically the loop is connected to a loop detector (pictured on right). Some gate operators have built in sockets to accept loop detectors and some models require the detector to be wired in.

Preformed LoopPreformed loops are placed below the surface prior to laying asphalt or pouring concrete. They are available in several sizes depending on driveway width.

Probe Style Loop
Self contained probe style
detector (bottom left) can only be used as an exit device. They are buried a few inches below the surface beside the driveway.
See installation diagram Find EMX Wand Style Vehicle Detectors Here

Loop Sealant
Loop Sealant
should be used to seal cut in loops. Sealant comes in asphalt and concrete colors. It is best to use a commercial grade sealant verses asphalt in a tube found in hardware stores.
Find Loop Seakant Here